The scientific library

The library of the Palladin Institute of Biochemistry was founded in I925.

The library stock consists of about 82 thousand copies including 24 thousand books and 52 thousand periodicals. The exchange stock contains as many as 4.5 thousand Institute publications.

The library contains literature on biochemistry and related biological sciences particularly on human and animal physiology, membranology, molecular biology, medicine, pharmacology and immunology. There are also collected works by famous home scientists, O.V. Palladin, V.O. Belitser, M.F. Guly and R.V. Chagovets, Academicians of the NAS of Ukraine and D. L. Ferdman, Corresponding Member of the former USSR Academy and NAS of Ukraine. The library has complete sets of The Journal of Biological Chemistry (since 1905), The Biochemical Journal (since 1925), The European Journal of Biochemistry (since 1967), The Annual Review of Biochemistry (since 1932), Advances in Protein Chemistry (since 1944), The Methods in Enzymology (since 1955); complete sets of the collected edition Biochemistry of Animals and Human earlier issued by the Institute and The Ukrainian Biochemical Journal. Starting from 1994 the library stock was replenished by some foreign journals owing to the Soros Fund: in 1997 the gift fund of foreign journals was 2501units, including the journals from the Great Britain.    









In the second half of 2000, 35 new titles of foreign journals were received. Such journals as Biochemist, Biochemistry, European Journal of Biochemistry, and FEBS Letters (2001- 2002) were presented by FEBS. The library provides services both for the scientists of the Palladin Institute of Biochemistry and other institutions.

The library has alphabetic catalogues for books, journals, publications continued, dissertations, authors’ essays, as well as the subject book catalogue. The main card files are as follows: scientific works of the Institute researchers concerning scientific-research subjects conducted in the departments (Proceedings of the Institute of Biochemistry, from 1951) and on the history of the Institute of Biochemistry (from 1978). The scientific library catalogues and card files are included into a single information-bibliographic centre of the Institute.